Concept and Brand Development

Our crew and network of expertise from various branches will ensure that we will deliver concepts that keep your products and brand are in the forefront of both trends and technology. As fall and winter moves on we will be able to show you some of the great things we are working on together with …

App Development

We specialize in developing applications for all mobile platforms. Let us help your brand use the application platform to solve problems, give back to your customers and build brand recognition. Have a look at our Trax Spots Actionsports App over at  

Product R&D

We love to help. Let us test your products and provide you with an outside perspective on how they perform and how well they align with your brand values. We have a team of industrial design engineers and strategic brand communications experts that will make sure we get back to you with a result that …

Media Production

We like when things look their best and will provide you with images and movies that embodies your brands core values.

Sounds interesting?

We love what we do! We are and We will bring you the future in actionsports. We will help you in every aspect possible, from concept development to shooting the commercial for your finished product or service. We are happy to be able to combine work with what we love and believe that this …